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Just when the future of the 3 units involved in the Beresfield accident of 1997 (8219, 8246 & 8247) had been decided and they were to be written off there has been another twist to this incredible saga. A last minute proposal by Clyde Engineering may yet see one of these units rebuilt as an additional spare unit. As I'm told the whole Ready Power fleet will be overhauled during the next few years and whilst each unit would receive an overhaul there would be shortages of locomotives. This latest proposal would see an extra unit available to cover for the shortages during the period of overhauls. More details as they become known.

Howard Smith (owners of Goninans) have announced their intention to sell off the Goninans company. There has been much speculation as to who is likely to buy this company with some suggestions ranging from General Electric in the USA to EDI (Clyde Engineering) in Australia. There is no doubt that the final decision will have a major impact on the future of new locomotive sales in Australia in the next century. We will report further on this next issue.

Cityrail has begun repainting the remaining 620 class railcar fleet that are all based in Newcastle. The new livery is based on that of the newer Endeavour car fleet. 623/723 are seen below in the Newcastle storage sidings and a second set 628/728 are being repainted at Chullora (R.S.A.) workshops . Five of these vintage railcar sets remain in active service in Newcastle..

Rail Services Australia (R.S.A.)
Recently RSA released 4819 from their Chullora Workshops in another new livery. One view of this unit was on the cover of this issue whilst another is seen here. Note the unit is fitted with the "elephant trunk" style exhaust stack. This livery is expected to be adopted to all RSA units in future. 4502 is presently being prepared for a return to service with RSA. RSA units are only used on their work trains.
Photographed by Stephen Preston 
In recent months the motive power for GSR's Overland services from Melbourne to Adelaide has changed from  National Rail's NR class to the BL class.
Photographed by Ray Marsh

Former Westrail unit H3 is now repainted and renumbered 101. The unit is in the new SCT livery and shunts the SCT Dynon terminal in Victoria.
Photographed by Ray Marsh

B.H.P. Iron  is shortly to take delivery of 8 new AC6000 units from G.E. These units are being built at the GE plant in Erie, Pennsylvania USA and we have received a photo of the first unit on trial in the USA. John  Netzlof  wrote to us and said:
"Here is the picture of BHP 6070 we discussed last week. The picture was taken 20 Feb., 1999, in Brockway, Pennsylvania. The train is the regular southbound freight (BFBT) of the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad from Buffalo, New York, to Butler, Pa. The point where the picture was taken is about 193 miles south of Buffalo. I assume, but don't know, that the test car and the unit under test were cut off at Punxsutawney, Pa; as I was told that they went north on Sunday, working the BTBF freight".
We thank both John and Bob Netzlof from the USA for making this information and their photograph available to us here in Australia. Also note the livery of the leading B&PR unit on this train. Does it look familiar?