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The end of the
Alco fleet 
A photographic report from the Pilbara shows the remaining Alco fleet being dismantled
and sent to Perth by road. The future of these units remains unclear however we can tell you that they are owned by Globe Turbocharge Specialties Australia and a US company. They have bought the 38 C636's . All units are being dismantled and sent to Maddington near Perth by road. It has been reported that Austrac have purchased several of these units including  #4033 and some are presently stored at Gonninans Bassendean plant. We are also advised that the 5 SD50s and 3 C36-7s are currently at the National Railway Equipment facility in Mt Vernon, Illinois USA pending overhaul and are expected to be placed into the NRE lease fleet to operate in the USA.


Thanks to Dan Coglan from Globe Turbocharge Specialties Australia for taking the photos and to Rolf Stump from Alco World for making them available to us.